The Rise Of Dragon Age II

BioWare will soon release Dragon Age II, the sequel to its well-received Dragon Age: Origins, the second of its original IP launches this generation and the one most firmly connected with the studio's history as a PC developer, and one that has delivered some of the most beloved epic fantasy RPGs in the history of the medium.

Of course, with sequel comes change -- as with Mass Effect 2's major differences from the original game, so too does Dragon Age II significantly evolve the formula laid down in the original title.

In this interview, lead designer Mike Laidlaw discusses how the team arrived at the decision to change core elements of the game, including a controversial evolution of the game's combat system. He also discusses how fantasy backdrops unexpectedly encourage more realistic storytelling.

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showtimefolks2732d ago

pause and play this one i played the demo and really liked it it went from not interested to a maybe day one buy

its fast paced action based and it looks it will have a great story. if i am not wrong the demo for 2nd carries into the main game when you start but why than lock everything in options menu

but anyway all i know is it will be a turn off to many pc/pure rpg gamers since this is made for console owners in mind and easy to pick up and play

Stealth20k2732d ago

they made it casual. And honestly I found the first game alittle boring (although well made)

midgard2272732d ago

honestly while the games have good story the battle system itself is horrible, HORRIBLE animations and just mash X, i mean i chose assassin and he slashes so fast without moving his feet and like 2 frames of animation per slash its just painful.

good story telling and levelin system doesnt save bad gameplay, guess i have to wait for witcher 2/skyrim and darksouls

showtimefolks2731d ago

for example who would not touch pause and play they made it casual

and i agree with you it shouldn't be like that they should give you options to choose which combat style you want to play with

what i heard is if you play on higher difficulty you have to pause and play

Redempteur2732d ago

Very nice interview ..i kinda enjoy when the team is able to stick to their conviction because they're proud of what they did

Myst2732d ago

Nice interview, certainly can't wait to get this game. Breezing through Dragon Age: Origins again for fun before the next one drops.