Metroid helps young woman get over death of mother, eating issues

Nintendo Power: "Memorable video game characters help us suspend belief and embrace fantastical worlds and settings, and they can even help generate true emotional connections. But the power and poise of one reader's favorite Nintendo character - Samus Aran from the Metroid series - helped her bounce back from a family tragedy and address an unhealthy lifestyle.

"I wanted to make a vow of personal improvement to my mother, so I decided to target the one problem that had been causing me great distress for years — my weight," she explains. "My most powerful source of inspiration to keep me going was Samus Aran."

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Yes_22703d ago

It's nice to hear a story about games helping someone, for a change.

wicko2703d ago

She was 200lbs? wow congrats to her. makes me feel inadequate when I can't even shed 20-30 lbs. Not that I'm overweight, but I'm certainly not losing any pounds..

bwazy2703d ago

Good to hear about story's like this. I was at Walmart today getting some sandpaper and I saw a fat ... err, OBESE women take a scooter from an elderly person.... I vomited profusely.