Killzone 3 Review | writes "No one will doubt if we says that Killzone 3 one of the most anticipated game title of 2011. With that being said, how well Killzone 3 does fair when it comes to First Person Shooting genre?"

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Game0N2704d ago

Nothing but Killzone inside my ps3 until uncharted 3 hits. It's called saving money on games ;)

oweowe2704d ago

Just got my Killzone3 today and started playing for like 1hr campaign. Only one word ---"AWESOME"!!

Forget about those crappy reviews. Just go play and judge by your own.

miyamoto2704d ago

its a Killzone 3 at night and LBP 2 at day time for us.

clearelite2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Hahaha, I've been loving Killzone 3 so far. Best online FPS I've played on a console so far. Haven't had this much fun in MP since Counterstrike.

Edit: Bad Company 2 is great too, but you cant play that with the Move.

Ultraplayerxp2703d ago

I have just finished the game and I really don't understand where those 7s from critics are coming from.