PSP Now Available for $129.99; New Additions to Greatest Hits and Favorites Collections

PS Blog: Today we’re very excited to announce that the PSP-3000 system will be available for a new low price of $129.99 (MSRP) starting February 27, 2011, offering its greatest value to date. In addition, going forward PSP Entertainment Packs will be available for $159.99 (MSRP); bringing you everything you need to experience the PSP system and an even better value.

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sdtarm2459d ago

I was gonna submit this :@

iNFAMOUZ12459d ago

Theres no point now with the ngp coming lol.

ABizzel12459d ago

That's the same thing we thought when the PS3 came out, yet the PS2 has been selling well each year.

firefoxprime2459d ago

Yeah...well the PS2 trumps the psp in my opinion. In terms of diverse games and HUGE 3rd party support.

Ult iMate2459d ago

NGP is not coming out for $130.

liveActionLeveler2459d ago

This add seems really bad. I don't really no why for sure, but's it's probably because of the testimonials. I wish they would get something better.

kreate2459d ago

one thing Sony doesnt know how to do is advertisement.

Burning_Finger2459d ago

Great News..

Even thought I bought 5 PSP already during it's lifetime..

awiseman2459d ago

I had 3, that screen broke way to easily. I had to fix my first one 3 times. And I didnt have the extra cash to buy the screen protector, I hate those ugly films over my screen.

Ult iMate2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

I have mine PSP-1004 for 5 years of everyday usage. Still works. I only had to replace the battery couple of years ago.

Stationfan2459d ago

Until NGP my cammoflauged big boss bundle will suffice