3DS’s development costs – and what they mean for you

3DS Tribe analyses the costs of 3DS development kits and what they mean in the grand scheme of things - especially in terms of indie developers who develop on the Xbox 360, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and other competing platforms to the 3DS.

3DS Tribe writes:

"A leaked report given to Planet 3DS has revealed how much it is costing developers to make games for the 3DS – and it’s not as expensive as you might think."

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Stealth20k2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Another shit article from someone who has no idea what people want. We dont want ios shovelware which is basically all there is on that platform compared to ds/psp games.

And the 3ds is basically a portable gamecube with development costs appropriate for the system

Before you bash the 3ds wait till the ngp comes out and see how those development costs are before waving your ugly wrong finger.

ios is a gaming afterthought...........the fact that these fake game analysts think they matter when they dont is hilarious. Sege vp just said they didnt. Id believe him over this article writer

Active Reload2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I'm on the fence concerning the info from this article. First I want to point out that the dev kits for the 360 are around $3500, while the 3DS's is $4500--I'll let that sink in. Now, if Nintendo and Nintendo fans want the 3DS to kinda' stray away from the "casual" image with the help from 3rd party devs/pubs-I know Nintendo wants this-then Nintendo is going to have to show us some spectacular stuff to justify that dev kit price, lol.

TacoTaru2728d ago

If you want to develop a game that is good enough to sell to the mass market and your business plan can't justify $4500 for a development environment you probably ought to just play games other people write instead of trying to write your own. You aren't ready for prime time.

A good software engineer in this country makes $80K - $150K a year. The development environment wouldn't have to save too many engineering hours to be worth the money.

AGamerOfConsoles2728d ago

Development costs for handhelds are still at a reasonable price. IDK what development costs of NGP is.

It isn't exactly breaking in development costs but hopefully the costs are high enough to keep shovelware devs away.

I doubt it though.