Gamasutra Interview: Markus Persson On Bringing Achievements to Minecraft

Gamasutra's Mike Rose visited Mojang headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden this week, and talked to Markus Persson, known online as Notch, about the future of Minecraft.

Persson told us he's really excited about the mods being created by the community for Minecraft, and hopes that one day the Minecraft modding scene will be as popular as Half Life 2 mods.

He also hopes that people will approach him in the future with ideas for commercial mods for Minecraft. He himself would like to work on a Capture the Flag-style game set in the Minecraft world, and said that it would be "the best idea ever", citing Team Fortress Classic as an angle he'd like to approach the idea at. He also wants to add achievements.

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Lamarthedancer2614d ago

Well if it did come to the Xbox wouldn't that defeat the point of "FortressCraft"