Diving into the World of Yakuza 4, Head-first

To the delight of Japanophiles everywhere in North America, Yakuza 4 is being completely localized with Japanese audio and English dubs, with absolutely no cuts or edits. Hooray!

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Fir3truck2697d ago

This looks pretty good only problem I don't own a PS3.

Yi-Long2697d ago

... means that this is an absolute must-buy!

Malebaria2697d ago

Absolutely with you on that one. If there's a game that should never be edited is Yakuza. Its grittiness is what makes it so incredible.

maxcavsm2697d ago

Tried the demo...not sure about this; never been a big Yakuza fan, but you never know.

Cloudberry2697d ago

So the battle game-play only for the English demo is not enough.

If this is your first Yakuza game, you could ask me any questions about it.

I hope I could help.

Just ask & reply / PM me.

AmigoSniped2697d ago

I really didnt like Yakuza 3 so im not excited for it.

christheredhead2697d ago

just pre ordered this today cause it was pay day at work haha. im really looking forward to this. spent so much of my life on yakuza 3 and i hope to double or triple that playtime with 4. the amount of stuff you can do and spend time with in this game is insane.

PsERSONA2697d ago

Wait.. I didn't know Yakuza 4 was getting dubbed! I'm interested to see how they are now. (:

anasurimbor2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

It's not getting English dubs, the article heading is wrong. Should read "Japanese audio and English subs".

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