Will The Dark Knight be rising to Sony's NGP?

As Epic Games announce their support for Sony's NGP with the Unreal Engine 3 coming to the platform, we ask: "Will Rocksteady's Batman be making a PSP2 appearance?"

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Active Reload2643d ago

Me too, and I know I'll get a lot of disagrees, but I personally wouldn't mind the ports from the Pc and HD consoles. I'd be the first one in line to buy a NGP if they could get Fallout 3 on it.

Ult iMate2643d ago

Same here. Don't have much time to play at home, but have plenty of it to play in transport or even at work. So I would likely play most of multiplat titles on NGP.

Burning_Finger2643d ago

I would hope so..

Touch pad, Touch screen, and Gyroscope are a nice features to have in Batman games..

liveActionLeveler2643d ago

Haha, all those features are kinda like gadgets.

Stealth20k2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

eh.......honestly not that excited for these sudo shitty ps3 experiences that are better on the ps3.

Whats going to save the ngp from failing is original ips and new experiences

and your assuming the ngp physical medium is more than 8 gigs which theres no way it is. And the graphics are visibly worse than the ps3. So no its not a portable ps3

a08andan2643d ago

The NGP will support memory-cards up to 32 Gb if I'm not mistaken.

ShinFuYux2643d ago

Theoretically, a SD flash card can hold up to 2terabytes of space.

blusoops2643d ago

The NGP DOES need original ip's to be more successful. But at the same time, I wouldn't mind these console ports or spin offs.

Just the other day I was thinking how cool would it be if I had my NGP with me at work and some how be able to scan planets for minerals in mass effect 2!! Then when I got home uploaded my save with my ps3 and bam! 10000 element zero for me lol.

Little things like this wouldn't detract from the console experience, it would add to it. Of course I'd play the main story on the console, but if I could grind on my NGP, it'd be awesome!

Anyone agree?

Deanways2643d ago

It would obviously be best for Rocksteady and Warner to go back to the drawing board and find inspiration from the God of War franchise on the PSP.

Although, if Arkham City gets a parallel release on the NGP as well as the PS3, am I nooooo going to complain!