Battlefield 3 Dev: 'CGI Trailers Misleading'

NowGamer: Battlefield 3 developer Dice has spoken to NowGamer about its recently-released Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer. Patrick Bach, executive producer on Battlefield 3, spoke about the use of pre-rendered, CGI trailers to promote video games, as with the recent Dead Island trailer. He said, "If you cannot market your game with your game you have a problem."

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theonlylolking2644d ago

I agree with Dice. Which is why I am not looking forward to dead island because they did not bother to show in game trailer. They could have done that same trailer with the in game graphics but decided not to.

Christopher2644d ago

I'd say the same for multiplatform games that sell the PC graphical version in trailers knowing their biggest audience is on the consoles.

In all games, though, you tend to wait for the two months before release when you really get to see what a game will look like.

As far as Dead Island, I'm not sure how it's bad when the intention isn't to sell the gameplay but to get people talking about Dead Island. Especially for a new IP from a practically unheard of dev team.

inveni02644d ago

I agree. Showing PC footage (or even just footage from a single platform) when a vast section of the intended audience will be getting something that is...for lack of a better word...inferior... well, that's more than misleading. It is intentionally deceptive. And it's happened to both consoles. Devs can do whatever they want with a trailer, but they really should at least show off each platform in other ways. If they can't, then that's a bigger problem than a simple CGI trailer.

SuperM2644d ago

Knowing their biggest audience is on consoles? A game might or might not sell better on consoles much dependent on what type of game it is and if its constructed for console and ported to PC or as in Battlefield 3's case, constructed for the PC and ported to the consoles. There is nothing wrong at all with showing the PC version of your product unless you pretend its the console version.

And i really hope you are not trying to take a stab at Battlefield 3 for showing the PC version, because its the sequel to Battlefield 2 which aside from a crappy console port was a PC game. This is the game PC gamers have been waiting for for a long time. I own most of my games for PS3 but this one i will definately get for the PC, and ill get a new rig with it.

awi59512644d ago

Yeah and steam sales arent even counted i buy all my games on steam. Because after years and years you loose disks or cd keys and now you cant play your games. Games like half life one and 2 years later and i can download and play it no prob. But steam really sucked when it started.

NiKK_4192644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

yea did you guys see the E3 trailer for star wars the old republic? it looks completely different from the game. the trailer was obviously cgi, but it was way over the top, when the actual game looks like shit, but i guess it would be ok because it's an mmo, but still, completely misleading. my dad was over when i was watching E3, and he was surprised at the graphics lol, so i had to tell him it was fake, he wasn't sure at first

btw, i was mad for a second, because i though it was CGI trailer misleading, meaning that the BF3 trailer was actually cgi, which made me mad lol, but it's cgi trailer"s" misleading

ATiElite2644d ago

FINALLY someone has the BALLS to tell it like it is. Sure I love CGI trailers as they show some creativity but at the end of the day i wanna see exactly what I will be playing.

SW:TOR had an amazing trailer but the game looks like Lego SW. Dead Island will not look like that nice cgi trailer, Homefront is not that sharp as the commercials either with only KZ2 living up to the hype of a CGI trailer, props to GG.

So for now on make your trailers using in game footage of actual game play cause if you don't then we already know your game is WEAK!!

crzyjackbauer2643d ago

thats a slap in the face to Guerrilla games isnt it?

theonlylolking2643d ago

No, since GG lived up to the CGi.

crzyjackbauer2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

yeah if your half blind and have Sh1t in your eyes

edit: you dont need to bee blind to see all the crappy and blurry textures from KZ2 just aim and you can see your gun see all the crappy pixels and textures on the red dot sights

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Burning_Finger2644d ago

They should put a label "IN GAME FOOTAGE" or something on the trailers...

LightofDarkness2644d ago

They have to for TV adverts, it will say "Footage (Not) Representative Of Actual Gameplay" or something like that. There are no rules like that for internet videos.

Corrwin2644d ago

He then went on to say that the sky is blue, that it takes two to tango.

chainer30002644d ago

still a decent article in a pool of crap

ian722644d ago

I have seen that Red Orchestra2 video before and it looks fantastic. They have put a lot of work into that game to make it as realistic as possible.

ATiElite2644d ago

Battlefield 3 PC check
Red Orchestra 2 PC check
Team Fortress 2 PC check
Arma II PC check
Crysis 2 PC........well OK for the Free Benchmark

Active Reload2644d ago

Now its a problem? I'm joking, but seriously, I didn't mind the Dead Island trailer, it is a new franchise afterall. Besides, no one was upset when Bioshock did it, before or after. Who knows if those weren't the assets from Dead Island making up that trailer? I agree with DICE also, but I would prefer to see a hybrid trailer, not full on CGI stuff. And for the record I would rather have CGI trailers with the game being able to come close or surpass that look as opposed to live action trailers and the game doesn't come anywhere close to looking like that<----you know who you are, lol.

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