Microsoft Gifting Microsoft Points & Zune Discounts to Xbox LIVE Members

Recent reports suggesting that Microsoft are offering members of the Xbox LIVE service free Microsoft Points in the US have seen many gamers with a free account receiving 80 Microsoft Points out of the blue. Today however, Electronic Theatre has received confirmation that the promotional activity is even better for Gold subscribers, and that it has now come to the UK.

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Dlacy13g2578d ago

I got my 80pts today, couple that with the 300pts I got from the rewards program last month and I have just about enough for a discounted game or dlc from one of their Deals of the Week.

danmachine2578d ago

My 80 points code wouldn't work! :(

Dlacy13g2578d ago

I would double check the code you entered and make sure it matches what you entered. God knows those codes are long enough that people make mistakes entering.

I have never had an issue with a code other than entering it incorrectly on things like this.

Johnny Jiron2578d ago

Just got another 100 msp from the rewards program and now the 80 popped up. May not be much, but free is free...

DlocDaBudSmoka2578d ago

ha i got free online access to the MP portion of my games.

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