Guerrilla admits Killzone 2 was 'too urban'

Guerrilla Games has observed that environments in the first half of its Killzone 2 lacked variety, something it's strived to improve in the third game of the series.

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Xfanboy2611d ago

I actually liked the darker theme of kz2 it was fine!

mrv3212611d ago

The carrier scene BLEW MY MIND!

doa7662611d ago

I disagree

not every game needs to have variety, for that we have other games

Downtown boogey2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

What the..?

On topic:

Yeah... Killzone 2 IS of the citiest game I've ever played. Very urban.

tigertron2611d ago

Its good that Killzone 3 has more variety i.e. jungle, deserty wasteland, space and polar locations but KZ2 being more urban is what made it dark and gritty which is just as good.

BigBoss072611d ago

All I know is GG needs to put two maps from KZ2 into KZ3. The train map and Beachhead. Those two boards were both DLC, but they were the best maps to play on for me. Also, maybe the map where the nuclear explosion went off every 10min and you had to hide inside to not get killed. That one too GG. :)

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