Parasite Eve spooking US PSN

Classic horror title Parasite Eve will be released on the US PlayStation Store as a PSOne Classic in the near future.

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bwazy2704d ago

Oh sweet! Hopefully this will be something free for PSN+ owners.... We literally get shit all....

DaTruth2704d ago

This should be something you get for free when you purchase the 3rd Birthday!

Like a collection type deal!

dalibor2704d ago

I could be just me but I like getting PSone classics and playing them. Even some of the games I never have played before. It would have been cool if you could get a trophy or two from PSone games. Or how about special avatars for once you beat the game? I would like that as well.

thereapersson2704d ago

I bought Front Mission 3 the other day, as well as Destrega. Two games I never managed to buy when they came out.

If only SE would release Einhander over the PSN, my dreams would come true at last.

WithMyLastBreath2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I just love the fact you can put them on your psp :)

a_bro2704d ago

i've never played this game. now that its coming to the PSN, i'll just try it.

Magnus2704d ago

I'd also bring out Parasite Eve 2 just for the hell of it glad this one is coming

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