Fable III Dated for PC: New Gameplay Mode & Stereoscopic 3D Added

Lionhead Studios have today announced the official release date for the forthcoming PC version of Fable III. Originally intended to be released alongside the Xbox 360 version, PC gamers will be able to venture to the world of Albion from this May.

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knifefight2769d ago

Oh yeah, this game. I keep forgetting to pick this up.

WhiteNoise2769d ago

Buying Fable 3 when DA2 and The Witcher 2 are coming out would be like buying Test Drive Unlimited 2 to get your Rally game fix while waiting for Dirt 3.....there is just no point.

toaster2769d ago

lol Agreed, Fable3 is RPG lite compared to the other RPG heavyweights this year. You know the game is mature when you can have farting contests. /s

WhiteNoise2769d ago

But your character farts and burps in Fable cool is that!


jashmister2769d ago

Wasn't this ment to be released on PC last year Novemberish?
I entirely forgot about it to tell you the truth

ChrisW2769d ago

I'm glad they added 3D Vision support, but personally I would've rather have them release it back when it was suppose to be released and then add 3D support later.

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