Baby girl starves while mum and dad play games

More sad news involving gamers this week. A young Taiwanese couple were apparently so obsessed with playing online games that they ignored their baby daughter, to the point where the baby girl starved to death.

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Pozzle2701d ago

It genuinely boggles my mind how people can do things like this. I love gaming as much as the next gamer, heck I can play for hours and hours on end, but I simply can't understand how you'd be so wrapped up in a game to the point where you would let your own child starve. It makes no sense.
I mean, I know it's an addiction, but still... Addicted to the point where you let your own child die (or, in some cases, let yourself die) is madness.

ChrisW2701d ago

Let's not forget that China has a "One Child" policy as well.

kreate2701d ago

the thing is... a person can neglect their baby to death for various reasons. but only when gaming is involved does it get a big headline.

a 30 year old man starving himself to death while gaming is just idiotic and maybe he deserves to be dead.

i starved myself playing games, but not til death.
geez... i want to survive so i can keep playing the newer games that keeps coming out.

jashmister2701d ago

Either This has happened before or this story is old

AliTheBrit4202701d ago

Yeah thats what I was thinking, an almost identical story hit last year didnt it?

Blackdeath_6632701d ago

there were a south korean couple that were playing at a local pc bang (internet cafe with games) and left the kid to die, suprisingly the game they were playing was pryus online which is about looking after a girl

ChrisW2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Surprised they weren't playing World of Warcraft.

thief2701d ago

people should have to pass a test before they can be eligible to be parents.

AliTheBrit4202701d ago

Not really, because suddenly peoples freedoms start being at jeopardy.

Think about it, one group of humans, for whatever reason feel they have authority over you to tell you if you can have offspring or not? screw that, I think its fair to say most of the Billions of parents in the world are perfectly fit to be raising kids.

Majors2701d ago

You say most of the billions but what about the rest of them ? Some of them havent got 2 brain cells between them, yet they have child after child and reap the benefits that the rest of us have to pay for so they dont have to work a day in their lives.
This makes me furious as im paying for other peoples children because they cant be arsed.
The system needs fixed.... Rant over

Blackdeath_6632701d ago

i disagree, maybe not have a test but ppl need to stop teenage pregnancy. when ppl are mature enough to have kids then how they parent them is up to them.

ChrisW2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Ummm... you guys may not know or are forgetting that China has a "One Child" policy. So, this may be horrific news to us, but it's REALLY horrific news for the Chinese!

Then again, having a boy is a hot commodity in China. Thus, disturbingly, girls get killed or neglected often. Do a Google search about it and you'll not only be dumbfounded, but disgusted.

silvacrest2701d ago

how would something like that even be practical? some people have a new partner every other night, also, one night stands? a quick fumble etc....what happens then?

jakethesnake2701d ago

It's really just one step away from forced sterilization. Something that comes in with good intentions but is horrifically evil.

AssassinHD2701d ago

According to the article the official cause of death is still unknown.

distorted_reality2701d ago

I would say the "half the weight of a normal child and sunken eyes" speaks for itself though don't you think?

AssassinHD2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I never went to medical school of course, but I bet there are a dozen other medical explanations for those conditions. My point is that there should not be an article proclaiming a cause of death until the cause of death is official.


That is a fair point, and I do not mean to suggest that the parents have no fault, because clearly they do. I just have an issue with the title of the article. It is irresponsible to make an article like that when the cause of death is unknown.

mrv3212701d ago

I'm no doctor, but their are MANY possible causes for problem like that the inability to process foods stumoch problems etc. It may be easy to blame th parent and it could be them, but there are other possible causes.

Pozzle2701d ago

Sure, there are many other things to cause such a condition. But nevertheless, its likely the parents' fault for not doing anything about it. A child doesn't suddenly wake up with sunken eyes and missing half it's weight in a day.

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