Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw honored in Bulletstorm

Yahtzee's Painkiller review inspires a weapon skin in Bulletstorm

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tdogg060519912768d ago

To see his Bulletstorm Review

distorted_reality2768d ago

Fuck he's a funny bastard. Great work by PCF.

WhiteNoise2768d ago

That's awesome. I just finished the game tonight. I think it does a lot for the FPS genre. The scope of the game is massive. Sure the paths are linear but god damn the draw distances and the amount of stuff going on is bigger than any game I've played.

Gorgeous graphics too. Awesome job all round.

Perjoss2768d ago

Could not agree more, Bulletstorm for me at least adds so much to the FPS genre, most other games i played before just feel like 'point and click', but with the leash and the slow-mo that happens when enemies fly near it opens up so much gameplay.

I love pulling enemies towards me then getting round the side of them and booting them off at 90 degree angles into stuff. Being able to shoot enemies in the legs to force them down and then kicking off their head is also very cool.

I never feel pinned down either, just slide into bunches of guys and cause havok.

fun game for sure and beautiful visuals.