Killzone 3 : Steel Rain map pack video gameplay

Gameplay video for the new add-on for Killzone 3

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sickbird2459d ago

Things like this tick me off, your going to announce 2 new maps for DLC the week the game releases? Pretty much saying you held them out of the game so you could charge extra. Thats crap.

killalot1002459d ago

I agree that is some bullshit. they better be free. I would pay for there next maps but this is just plain out bullshit

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yourgodisdead2459d ago

I just got the Hig edtion so they best be free.

hennessey862459d ago

ive just payed 40 pound for the game and on day one there is a map pack avalible and now another one and people diss call of duty for there dldc

sickbird2459d ago

yea but im gonna guess that this map pack will be at the most 4.99 not 14.99.

RatherHavaBigGirl2459d ago

@wolfam its still bullsh*t. i make no excuses for bad business practice. being a gamer and not a fanboy allows me to do so.

btw since 1.03 ive been having connection issues with warzone and it event froze on me today, forcing me to shut my ps3 down from the console itself. yes i take care of my ps3 also. dont give me shit about not taking care of it as if you live with me or been to my house. i want it fixed. paid 65 so i have a right to demand repair

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beavis4play2459d ago

the retro map pack is free if you preordered. if you're mad that you have to pay for it - you have nobody to blame but yourself.
i do agree that this steel rain map pack seems to be coming too soon.

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GiggMan2459d ago

That looks like a good time.

beavis4play2459d ago

i thought so too. i'm not a big MP player and probably wouldn't be very good on this map - but it looks like LOTS of fun to play.

NickD352459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Already they got map packs ready to go. Give us a chance to play the game first?. Why the mad rush to sell us additional content when the game came out TODAY in Europe. I only got it a few hours ago. Sheesh


Those maps look very far advanced, I would say finished. I find it hard to believe they could not have put those on the disk for free.

Wolverick2459d ago

Looks good to me. Count me in.

Terarmzar2459d ago

Steel Rain.. Ouch that would hurt.
On topic i do agree with wolfam1, this DLC should not be released or even talked about the same week the game just came out.

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