Death By Robots - Review: Gray Matter

Ryan Syrett for DBR writes: Gray Matter is a point and click adventure game bought to life by the novelist and creator of the classic Gabriella Knight series, Jane Jensen. It centres on a young part-time magician, Samantha Everett, as she strangely agrees to become mysterious neurobiologist widower Professor David Styles’ assistant during some of his bizarre experiments.

The game opens with Samantha riding her motorcycle across the countryside of Oxford, only for it to break down forcing her to take shelter in nearby spooky house, Dread Hill. After witnessing David’s original assistant freakishly whisked away by a strange cloud shortly after knocking on Dread Hill’s front door, Samantha pretends to be an assistant in the hope of poncing a free room for the night. What happens next is a strange tale of magic, secret clubs, science and the paranormal.

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