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Two Worlds 2 is the new RPG game from Reality Pump and is the second instalment of the Two Worlds saga which brings you new places to explore in the war torn world of Antaloor. TheGamingReview cast an eye over this world of magic and fighting...

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Stealth20k2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

PC Two Worlds II
Reality Pump/SouthPeak Games, 2011 75.04%

PS3 Two Worlds II
Reality Pump/SouthPeak Games, 2011 69.75%

X360 Two Worlds II
Reality Pump/SouthPeak Games, 2011 67.32%

what a shitty game, yet people defend it because they seem to have this western bias these days........ not to mention the company tampers with reviews. They are lower than the low.

Mr_Bun2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

What didn't you like about the game? I mean, you must have played it in order for you to call it a "shitty game", right?....RIGHT?

Personally, I am about 30 hours into this game with the end no where in sight and find myself still excited to fire this game up....and I haven't even touched the multiplayer yet.

CrzyFooL2732d ago

Since when is a 70% average across 3 platforms considered shitty and since when does Metacritic represent more than a small cross section of media outlets?

PoisonedMonkey2732d ago

Wooooah there Nelly.

Tampers with reviews? That's a pretty bold statement to make. Not only is what Mr Bun and CrzyFooL point out perfectly valid, but making such an accusation of a company tampering with reviews is just lunacy.

The guy who wrote this review wrote it under his own steam with no input from anyone else. More to the point at no point will TGR accept a request from the developer or publisher to change it. I imagine the same can be said of 99.9% of other reviews in existence.

It's sad to see you genuinely believing reviewers change their opinions to suit the developers.

CrzyFooL2732d ago

Well TopWare did tamper with reviews in Europe. It was big news last week. However - all other points are indeed valid and Stealth20k is an arse.


PoisonedMonkey2732d ago

Oh. Didn't know that. That's shut me up ;)

astrobrights2732d ago

They are well-known for review tampering, so I wouldn't call it a bold statement.

astrobrights2732d ago

I'd agree with you that it's a shitty game. Probably the most over-rated title I've played in years.

FFXI1012732d ago

I don't want to use the word "shitty" but as much as I love RPG, I just couldn't stand this game.

After playing it for few hours I took back and return it.

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jriquelme_paraguay2732d ago

FOr me.. this game is an 8.5...
lot of fun...
The only thing i didnt like it is the poor Inventory System

Mr_Bun2732d ago

The game isn't without flaws. The inventory system, some of the character models/visual settings like motion blur, all could've been polished a bit but doesn't seem to hinder the 'fun factor'.

jriquelme_paraguay2732d ago

i guess if the inventory can be patched and changed..

astrobrights2732d ago

I think this game is receiving scores that are way too high. The game is unpolished in many ways, buggy and the up and down difficulty curve with fighting enemies really detracts from the experience. If I had to rate it, I'd give it a 5/10. I actually enjoyed the first game more.

PoisonedMonkey2732d ago

Such is the way with reviews, they're all opinions. Yours is just as valid as anyone else's :)

Some people will be able to work through the bugs, others will find it ruins the experience. Neither are right or wrong, but reading the review it does finish with "if you can overlook some of the bad voice acting and occasional clunky game play..." - so the reviewer (who isn't me by the way, before anyone suggests that!) has acknowledged the game's failings.

Such is the way of the world. I don't see the point in rugby, boring game to me, but others love it :)