Dead Island on PS3 via Steam and image of SAM B

To think that the developers website for Dead Island are voluntarily errors.

By scanning the website for Dead Island, I realized I was a page Shop on-line although not accessible from the website. Lack of luck for this page to the Header Rapper Sam B announcement character but whose physical appearance was kept secret.

Here the picture:

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RedDead2770d ago this a serious game or not?

Wizziokid2770d ago

interesting I though only Steam Cloud was coming to the PS3, if they bring the whole Steam service that would be aweesome!

Xfanboy2770d ago

if it was up to valve everyone could buy portal 2 & it will be playable on all platforms! Sony would never be so generous!!

dark-messiah2770d ago

maybe they mean Steam cloud compatible, I don't know.