Final Fantasy VI heads to Virtual Console

Nintendo Universe writes:

It has been announced that Final Fantasy VI, regarded by many as one of the finest additions to Square Enix's most successful franchise, is due to release on Virtual Console in Japan next month.

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NewMonday2552d ago

Yes 6 is the best FF ever, this is the one that needs a remake not 7, the younger generation will understand once they play it.

Eamon2552d ago

No, they both need a remake.
FFVI for 3DS

ChickeyCantor2552d ago

They just need to remake 5 & 6 for 3DS.
( or 9 !...if only)
That would be delish.

miyamoto2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

its the only FF I have finished & finished a second and third time. Needs to be remade. Shadow is awesome!

Nate-Dog2552d ago

I've been waiting for this to come onto PSN since I've heard good things about it. Hopefully soon, maybe.

phantomexe2552d ago

This game can no more come to the ps3 ,then ff7 can show up on the wii. It has something to do with published rights ,but still cool its hitting the VC.

Nate-Dog2552d ago

What makes you say that? FFVI was released on Playstation too.

phantomexe2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

6 was? maybe i'm wrong and missed it.Was it on that collection dics?

Tex1172551d ago

FFVI: It is so much better than any other FF that was created before or after it, its just staggering