MyGamerCard.Net is No More

If you frequent forums or have ever used a social network site then chances are you have seen a MyGamerCard.Net signature. That little box, which over the years has seen many variants, has been as much of a calling card for gamers as their gamertags. Unfortunately today MGC owner "Morgon" closed the site for a number of reasons, the foremost being a lack of support from

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Kran2702d ago


They did some awesome gamercards.


At least the PS3 version is still around.

Blaze9292701d ago

What the hell Microsoft? What the hell

CrimsonEngage2702d ago

This sucks. No wonder my card wasn't working on the Ea forums.

TheNocturnus2702d ago

Yup, that sucks. They were awesome and will be missed.

Parapraxis2701d ago

"According to Young, the "love for community has been lost by Microsoft," and its many community-based projects, including the Xbox Community Developer Program, have "stagnated." "

What the f**k...=/

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