Complete boxed Alien Breed Trilogy Announced for Xbox 360

After a successful release on Xbox LIVE Arcade, the Alien Breed Trilogy is coming to retail for the Xbox 360 18th March 2011

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FailOverHero1981d ago

Another arcade game come retail game? Serious sam getting same treatment. Shadow Complex 2 please

Kran1981d ago

PopCap games got the same treatment too o.O

Thantalas1981d ago

The Splinter Cell collection.

The Tomb Raider collection.

The Prince of Persia collection.

The Mortal Kombat Kollection.

The Ico/Shadows of the Beast Collection.

/joke! ;)

DigitalRaptor1981d ago

The Sly Copper Collection

The God of War Collection

The probable MGS, FF and GTA collections :)