Shift 2 Unleashed - Day Track Gameplay 1

IGN: A peak at the cockpit view during the day.

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DelbertGrady2732d ago

Holy lord! Now that's what the cockpit view of a racing game should look and sound like. Watching this makes other racing games seem static and lifeless in comparison. Great stuff!

imvix2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Lol you aint seen nothing if you havent seen racing games running in Eyefinity or Nvidia surround (its gaming on multiple screens):

Link to dirt 2 running on 3 screens check out the view on that:

Here is a view of NFS Shift running on 3 screens:

ian722732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

It does look good. The driving with Logitech GT wheel/pedals wasn't very realistic in the first SHIFT, and going by this video it looks like they have kept it the same. The way the cars react while cornering fast doesn't seem right.
Just watched the night time video and it looks great. They have made the game a lot better looking than the first SHIFT, I'm impressed.

upturned22732d ago

it looks pretty cool but as soon as i seen it crash and like you said, the cornering, the gameplay seems exaggerated. the sense of speed is fast and all but nah. made me feel nauseous and seems unrealistic. the other thing is the dashboard, it gets all blurry at certain times. thats kinda annoying. i wouldnt mind trying it out, but its just making me a bit queasy.

the way the camera turns is cool and all but i think thats what made me nauseous.

ian722732d ago

The faster you go, the more blurred the screen becomes. In the first SHIFT I think you can turn the blurring off (long time sinse I last played). Its there to give a bigger sense of speed.

Knushwood Butt2731d ago

Why does the screen go black and white whenever the player touches anything??

Does look quite nice, but I'm still playing GT5 thanks.

upturned22731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

the sense of speed outside the car is ok. its just that the dashboard gets blurry. sometimes when im driving in GT5 i like to look at the dashboard cuz it looks so clean. the dashboard in this trailer looks really good too but know.

@knushwood butt!
when you crash or whatever it turns white so you know when you hit something of course! lol it looks cooler i guess

Hunkalicious_G2732d ago

This would be the Chuck Norris of racing games if only they could get the physics perfect..

W S K2732d ago

woah....okay be totally honest
YES, the physics still don´t look right somehow
the cars are sliding like in forza when i drive with cold tires
(maybe that´s the case in shift2?)
i don´t know if they measure tire heat in it´s a possibility
other than that the game looks and sounds fantastic

can´t wait to burn some rubber! :D

see you on the track

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