Conquer Online’s Biggest PvP Contest Kicks off This Weekend! 956 Contestants in the First Round!

Following the success of the World Elite PK Tournament and the release of the new Monk class, even more inspiring news has been released for Conquer Online! Today, we brought center of attention to another tremendous thriller in the game, the Monk PvP Championship. Different than any other PK event in Conquer, the Monk Class PvP Championship provides a completely level playing field, enabling interaction between all players from all servers and creating the first true test of who is the best of the best!

Scheduled for Feb. 27th, the first battle of the competition is about to kick off! The whole community has been waiting for too long, and we are about to see it come alive! The greatest PvP tournament in Conquer Online is right around the corner!

As planed, the fires of combat will first be lit in Europe, as the tournament goes across the big blue. A total of 956 contestants will compete against one another, vying for the chance to be #1. There will only be one round for the EU server, and the top 8 contestants will receive the great Conquer Points prize! The total prize purse for this battle has reached 74,950 CPs which is worth $ 557!

EU Server Prize List

Champion: 28,106 CPs Prize
The 2nd Prize: 18,737 CPs Prize
The 3rd Prize: 13,116 CPs Prize
Runners-up (4-8): 2,998 CPs each Prize

So, who will survive the toughest battle and be our biggest winner?

The answer will be revealed this Sunday, Feb. 27th! We’ll keep you updated with the latest contest information! Check Conquer Online’s Official Site for more details!

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