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BeefJack: "Killzone 3 may be a little lacking campaign-wise, but it more than makes up for it with its intensity, presentation, and robust online offering. It may not advance the genre in any meaningful way, but it delivers a near-perfect package in other areas. I now have bloodshot eyes and I’ve developed a twitch, so I think Killzone 3 may have taken me off the dating market. But I wouldn’t have it any other way."

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NickD352763d ago

I've never understood what the difference is between a game that gets 8.9 and a 9 . I mean if you can tell the difference between .1% in a game you must be a God or something

achira2763d ago

best game ever. a 8.9 is really not ok for this game. but who cares.

Memo-Xen x31002763d ago

After the first few 7/10 scores I was skeptical but been playing this at every spare moment since Tuesday and it really is an amazing FPS experience. I'm only at the jungle area which I believe is about half way or just under half way through the single player campaign but I'd have trouble not awarding Killzone 3 with a perfect 10 if I were forced to review it. Graphics are amazing, controls improved, different environments(instead of industrial area after industrial area), story is better, 3D implementation, Move support and the list goes on and on. I'm definitely a strong supporter of Killzone 3 now and I didn't really even like 1 or 2. This is without a question the greatest FPS I've played this generation of consoles.

silverhawk792763d ago

Fantastic review. I'll have to give it a shot whenever I get a chance.