GT.TV:Infamous 2 Delivers a Sucker Punch to the PS3

GTTV becomes electric when we deliver exclusive new footage from Infamous 2, including the full reveal of Cole's powerful female sidekicks. Plus, the latest on SOCOM 4, new Halo: Reach DLC, and much more!

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Xwow20082645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

The game looks it will be much much better than infamous 1 :))
Edit1:Omg there is fire powers too :)
Edit2: just finished seeing the video...IAM blown away by the game..sucker punch really done something amazing.

2645d ago
NateCole2645d ago

It's SP. I expect nothing less. I am looking forward to Infamous 2 story more so that U3.

JoySticksFTW2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Game looks ridiculously good

Like the gameplay jump of UC1 to UC2.

I'm loving Cole face and voice... not in ghey sense. I'm just saying I'm glad they didn't totally overhaul Cole as was planned.

I usually don't think about "platinum-ing" games, as I have a large backlog of titles to get through. But inFamous 1 might be my 1st platinum, because I really want to play it again to get ready for the 2nd one.

Simply cannot wait for inFamous2

@ Disagrees:

U mad? Don't be. PS3 deals are popping up all over the place now. Even a rumored price drop, so this game isn't that far out of your reach.

Hang in there, and you'll be playing this too in no time. :D

xAlmostPro2645d ago

@Joysticks you have no disagrees dude lol

zootang2645d ago

He has lost it with excitement.

eterry2645d ago

when you pick fire or ice do you stil get to keep all your electric power? im just thinking the eliectric powers from first game used up alot of buttons on the controller, so will there be enough to have like 4 electric powers and 4 ice powers?

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HeavenlySnipes2645d ago

I actually watched the show on TV so I saw the KZ3 and SOCOM 4 stuff. Can't wait for SOCOM beta and InFamous 2. The fire mixed with electricity looks awesome.

Exquisik2645d ago

InFamous 2 is shaping up to be very good. Only problem I could see with the game is that Cole's new power might be a bit overpowered, although both the ice and napalm powers look very cool. In InFamous, the limitation of Cole's electricity power made Cole seemed both powerful and powerless at the same time. Cole was like your typical human being with a simple power where he can't do everything and anything he wants. I was actually hoping that Cole developed/formed a new way of using his electricity power such as using a weapon to amplified his power or being able to use the power at an atomic level that allows him to create a new ability to use electricity such as creating statics, rather than gaining a new ability.

The stealth mission in Socom 4 is awesome! Reminds me of MGS and Splinter Cell, though I doubt the stealth mission will be as complex and deep as the two. But man, Forty-Five is amazing! Love the part where she stabbed the guy in the nuts.

HeavenlySnipes2645d ago

IDK why all that blood gushed out though. IDK why I'm getting disagrees for saying I watched the show on Spike. WTF? O_o I guess people don't like that I have the channel.

Exquisik2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Haha. I laughed at all the blood gushing out as well.

Eh don't mind the disagrees. The more you worried about it, the more it will bothered you. And the more it bothered you, the more tempted the lurkers will be in giving you disagrees.

52pickup2645d ago

I like the teleporting powers the asian woman has,I'll probably choose her powers.

WithMyLastBreath2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Definitely looks awesome! Seems like the first with a graphical overhaul. I still kinda wish the decisions weren't so basic, for lack of better words. Like I wish it didn't blatantly say choose this and you will most likely have a good karma outcome and vice-versa. Make it more vague like real life. But I am still definitely looking forward for the game.

NateCole2645d ago

Thats whats they are tyring to do.

WithMyLastBreath2645d ago

Hopefully they succeed then, one of my biggest pet peeves with the first.

Slimshadyn2645d ago

Personally I don't mind when games that have a karma type system are pretty much black and white. One of the reasons I play games is to do stuff I can't in real life. I like being able to save people or blow them up. In real life saving somebody could get me a lawsuit and blowing somebody up could get me prison time.:P

WithMyLastBreath2645d ago

haha yeah I understand that but I would love if you were playing for a good karma and didn't something you thought was a good karma action but resulted in bad karma y' know? Doesn't the good Samaritan law protect you from helping people in need?

NateCole2645d ago

2 or more female sidekicks hehe. Thats what caught my attention.

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