King of the Diamond - MLB 11 The Show or MLB 2K11

While MLB 11 The Show is the only officially licensed first party baseball game exclusive to the Sony consoles, MLB 2K11 is gearing up to be a serious competitor. 2K Sports has already been successful at knocking off other franchises in sports games, so it could be a fierce match-up for both games at launch in the 2nd week of March. It is a somewhat difficult decision for indecisive gamers to pick one over the other.

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never_waste_a_bullet2698d ago

MLB The Show for sure, it's just more fun and realistic IMO

nevercloser072698d ago

I agree. The show is head and shoulders above anything else I've ever played.

Cyorg2697d ago

The Show is the best baseball game available. It's been that way for years.