Dead Space 2: two new gameplay video of Severed DLC

Two new gameplay video for the add-on of Dead Space 2

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HOSe2644d ago

i need to beat this game still..damn u killzone !

flyingmunky2644d ago

Hopefully this comes out soon, I'm chompping at the bit for more of the dead space universe. Already plated both dead space 2 and extraction. Wonder if I can use my foam gun in the dlc, might not anyway as I don't want to make it too easy.

Quagmire2644d ago

how hard was Hard Core mode? im a tad intimidated, and what of Extraction? easy or hard plat?

flyingmunky2644d ago

I played the game through on Zealot difficultly the first run, and honestly I thought it was a more difficult run than on hard core. You could chalk that up to experience gained during my first play through though. I read that hard core has survivalist difficultly with zealot drop rates on ammo, I can pretty well confirm that.

Since you only get 3 saves you will have to set aside a pretty big chunk of time each day that you want to try to tackle it. I saved at the end of ch 5, 9 (i think), and the last shortly before the eye poke machine. Make sure you keep plenty of health and ammo on hand at all times, its going to mean spending a lot at the stores but its worth it.

I used the plasma cutter for most of the game till I could afford the force gun. The contact beam is also nice for the final battle with Nicole, I transferred all nearly all my nodes to it and the force gun at the end.

As for extraction, I found it hard to get into because the first half of the game is so corny. It gets better toward the end but dead space 2 is a way better game. As for getting the plat it took me maybe around 20+ hours. I used the move controller, though it took some getting used to.

My suggestion is to go through on normal, pick up all the upgrades then go through on impossible (not very difficult really). Make sure you have the pulse rifle on hand for the 2 major bosses, trust me it makes a world of difference(ch6 and ch9)! As for the 10 challenge mode trophies I would recommend going through on hard. Try not to get hit, the more enemies that you kill in row without getting hit the more points you get per kill.

Whew!, hope that helps!

Enate2644d ago

flyingmunky Its funny you said that because everyone else on my list did zealot first as well. I was the only one to do hardcore first and I'm the only one on my list with the Platinum. I figured if I can't get through hardcore then Zealot doesn't matter. Got through hardcore and bam it was hello zealot mode let me come kick you in the face with my foam finger muahahahaha.

JayX6662644d ago

you cant do hard-core first without completeing the game first, you sir, have just shot yourself in the foot.

Enate2641d ago

I just ment I played hardcore before I played on Zealot so no I did not shoot myself in the foot.