Back To The Future – The Game: Episode 1 Review

One of my favourite trilogies in the history of making three of things has to undoubtedly be the Back to the Future series. Incredible writing is pitched with fantastic humour and one of the best takes on the concept of Time Travel I’ve witnessed in popular media. The adventures of Doc Brown and Marty McFly are some of the greatest around, but never before have they had a video game that you could be proud to call part of the franchise.

That is, until Telltale Games stepped in last year with the announcement that they would be making and releasing an episodic series based on the Back to the Future series which’d take part after the events of the trilogy; allowing the events of the films to remain unhampered and to provide another story within the same universe that could potentially stand on its own. While I was excited but hesitant, I became less worried when Bob Gale (co-creator and writer) was bought on as a story consultant and Christopher Lloyd was bought back to reprise the role of Doc Brown, and began counting down the days until the DeLorean showed up to take me away on a new adventure.

Finally, the series has landed. See what I think below the jump.

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