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-Alpha2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Disappointed with the lack of Operations as its my favorite mode.

I'm just questioning the logic of releasing 2 DLC packs out so soon after release and I hope they pace it right.

I think they said they plan to have a lot of DLC and with 3 modes and with not every map having every mode, and with their strategy of offering 2 maps per package, I worry about the community being split up so quickly. I want a lot of DLC support, and I would support 5 maps for $15 as those keep the community more together.

Hopefully this strategy works well for them

I really want some retro maps and Operation maps. Warzone's TSA placements annoy me on some maps. Hopefully they bring back spawn on squad leader. IMO what K3 lacks are bigger maps and better/more TSA placements, and I hope to see that for future Warzone maps. Salamun Market is an example of a really good Warzone map, and that's from K2.

tehpees32732d ago

Glad to see them supporting this. lol DLC is much quicker then I expected. keep it coming Sony. I'm having a blast

deafwing2732d ago

besides that ... that level with the rain looks amazing; there's always so much going on in kz - I know that's going to be distracting for some gamers :)

Redman222731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Damn that map looks insane! I hope they flood us with DLC because I'm buying it all. :D

KZ3 is the king of the FPS!

chainer30002731d ago

Personally I would be happy if they kept a steady flow of maps coming out until it reaches the 10ish mark. I already know all of these backwards and forwards!

I just hope they do larger map pack releases at reasonable prices (1.50$ a map seems reasonable to me)

ZombieAssassin2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I have to agree, I think they are going to split up the community if they release them in small doses. I'd also like to see 1 retro map per pack too as that would be nice for the people who actually played Kz2 and it should be pretty wasy and less costly for the devs.
I'd also like to see a lot of the features from Kz2 return in patches, like the 25 things you wrote about on the Kz forums...don't need them all back but some are a must.

From the screens though they look like beautiful maps, can't wait till I can pick this game up but until then I shall keep playing Kz2.

-Alpha2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Hey, you read that, good to see it going around :)

What I love about K2 maps, and even in UC2, is the weather/dynamics of the level.

Little details like the crane actually moving when you hold the objectives in Operations and the blinding blizzards in Akmir are great ways to make the maps immersive.

I like the rain in the Junkyard map, hope it comes full with the lightning. I can imagine the awesome lightning effects. It should be a nighttime map IMO, they need one of those. Imagine the lightning spotting enemies for split seconds.

Wish they kept Salamun Market and Turbine nighttime maps :(

ZombieAssassin2732d ago

Yea i LOVED the atmosphere with a lot of the Kz2 maps and DLC, all the dust flying around in the wind and the rain. I like the idea of a night time map that is really dark but then when the lightning hits the whole map lights up for a couple seconds and bullets start flying like crazy. I'd like to see another map like Wasteland Bullet too (not sure if there is one in Kz3 as I've only played the beta and won't be picking the game up until mid March).

awesomeperson2732d ago

For me the KZ2 maps I would like the most are Pyrhus Rise (sorry for spelling if its wrong), Corinth Crossing, and from the KZ2 map packs (wern't some of them retro Killzone 1 aswell... no idea which ones, never played KZ1, all I know is I bought the pack), the train map, and the map where the nuke goes off.

I wouldn't mind if they included some KZ2 dlc... as DLC again that there would be a discount or free is its logistically possible and we bought it for KZ2.

Overall I think Guerilla are doing well, and guys, I don't think they are really milking it by anouncing a second one so quick, maybe they had them planned to go with the game but didn't have time to finish???

I know I'll be a sucker and buy it anyway :D

Pillage052732d ago

I think you're right that spawn on squad leader would fix a lot of problems with the tsa placements. But then they need to make it easier to get into a squad like on kz2 inside the game instead of only using psn system. I have a feeling they took it out 'cause of the increased amount of people you can have in a squad. 7 people spawning at once on a person could really piss some people off ya know lol.

Have two permanent base spawns fairly close but separated would have made it harder for a team to get boxed in as well.

Anybody else kind of wishing they would have left out the wasps turrets? They're not so bad, easy to take out and such...but when they start spamming the area anywhere near you the camera shakes so damn bad I can't tell what's going on lol. A halfway solution would be to add a timer on that they can't be fixed for 30-60secs after blown up. That way people don't just keep spawning and jumping right back on.

-Alpha2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I don't like wasp turrets because of players don't deal with them. I was playing in Salamun and a guy was going 18-1 until he killed me. And I made it my mission to stop him because a lot of players don't seem to pay attention IMO. Likely because they are still getting used to it.

I took him out constantly and gave him like 10 deaths. He kept going for the wasps but I didn't let him have a chance again.

I do think that they need to have limited ammo though. Because some players KDR whore and only do the Wasp turrets.

Jezuz2732d ago

I don't like it. The game just came out and a DLC Pack is announced? They should've just include it in the game at the 1st place

chainer30002731d ago

I imagine a lot of people, like myself, got the DLC for free for pre-ordering or buying at gamestop/amazon/best buy. I believe they all offered free weapons and the map pack DLC code, as well as a unique Home item (whatever).

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HOTA9X2732d ago

Id prefer SP dlc lol, but this is fine too.

crzyjackbauer2732d ago

sony is already milking the game COD style
i bet the dlc will be $15

chainer30002731d ago

wasn't the other one 5$? And I got that for free for pre-ordering, as I imagine a *lot* of people did.

Regardless, I will pay up to 9.99 for a large pack and 5$ for a 2-map pack. Worth it for me IMO, plus this game is still "fresh" to me.

Megaton2732d ago

Tired of this. DLC getting announced moments after release, or even before release.

cyclonus0072732d ago

Blame Activision and/or Call of Duty.

distorted_reality2732d ago

No, blame the idiots that were stupid enough to give Acti money for a couple of extra maps.

cyclonus0072732d ago

Idiots will be idiots. I blame the people who consistently exploit idiots. If there's a drug epidemic (and Call of Duty has become like crack in the eighties), whose to blame? The addict or the dealer?

Charazani2732d ago

I hope they announce some larger DLC like an expansion pack. I'd like to see more weapons, as it was one of the most requested changes asked in the open/closed beta.

That Stahl Arms map reminds me a lot of the Vekta Cruiser map for KZ2 DLC.

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