360 Version of Warriors: Legends of Troy canceled for US?

All records of a Xbox 360 version of Warriors: Legends of Troy have been pulled from the game's US site. Is the game going PS3 only in the US?

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AAACE52699d ago

Really? lol... word... KINGDOMS!

vsr2699d ago

Nice !! Cost Saved and Can earn Profit.

Profit > Sales (If right game for the right platform)

kreate2699d ago

this a game i heard of a few times. but not the type of game im looking for either. especially with a surplus of games continuously coming out on the PS3.

but its still bad news on the Xbox side of things since there is a famine going on, on the popular Microsoft machine.

WetN00dle692699d ago

That is evil, THEREFORE i fart in your general direction!

Ares842699d ago

You know, I find this extreamly funny. Why? Not because a blue little monster is singing about cookies but because the word "cookie" in Hungarian means little dick. Yeah, that's how you pronounce little dick in hungarian "cookie" (the way it's spellled "kuki") but pronounced just like "cookie".

So little monster is singing about little extreamly funny!!! :D

awiseman2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Thats a far cry, but it .wouldnt rly matter...who cares about that game nyways. Id rather play the fps multiplats its all i really have since ms cant release any real exclusives....srsly im mad

Edit:trolls already here.

NYC_Gamer2699d ago

this is nothing to worry about everything made by koei=garbage in my opinion

TheBatman_Fanatic2699d ago

It's not a big deal. I have never heard of it, just like the previous comments. I don't think people from the PS3 or 360 side care lol.

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