1UP Preview: Batman: Arkham City - 20 Things We Just Learned

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady are finally far enough along in development on Batman: Arkham City to start showing it off, and earlier today, we got our first look at the game in action. The demonstration we saw lasted about 25 minutes, and showed Batman saving a captive Catwoman from Two-Face, tossing Harley Quinn aside like a doll, riding around on a helicopter, and escaping from an exploding watchtower by crashing through a window. It was kind of awesome, and showed just how different of an experience this new game will provide compared to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

We learned a lot of new things during the demo, which we will now share with you, the hungry Batman-themed videogame consumer.

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Pozzle2769d ago

"Catwoman and Two Face Have New Voice Actors"

As long as they're good, I'm ok with that.

"...And So Does Harley Quinn"

Wut? :(

"Alfred Replaces Oracle"

Yay! I don't mind Oracle, but I missed Alfred in Arkham Asylum.

Corrwin2769d ago

I loved this about inFAMOUS. It really brings you into the world of a superhero when you have to chose between the life of one person, or the lives of the many.

Still gives me chills to think of of the screams when I didn't help.


I hope we get to see (or play) that 25 minute demo at GDC.

Acinoyx2769d ago

This game is really shaping up to be fantastic. I just hope that by adding all the extras, it doesn't becomes a "jack of all trades/master of none" type of game that sometimes happens with sequels....