God of War 3 marked down to a RIDICULOUS Price

Conflicting Gamers - "Do not miss out on this fantastic action game! It won't last long..."

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vgcgames2734d ago

that's a deal and a half, or should I say a bag of chips

fromasterjay2734d ago

If only this deal CAME with a bag of chips...

kreate2734d ago

i already beat it and sold the game...
now i want to buy it again.

danthebios2734d ago

I never sell my ps3 exclusives games,NEVER:).

sashimi2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I just never sell for games in general, now i need to buy a shelf to hold em all. Funnily 75-80% are exclusives and GOWIII is one of them.

goflyakite2733d ago

I got mine when Future Shop had a one day deal back in December for $20. I was happy.

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egidem2734d ago

This should be bundled with the $50 gift cards that the PS3s have been getting...and I'd be tempted to pick one up. My old 60GB fat is starting to die on me (freezing more often than usual).

I'm doing regular backups of my save files but some won't just down right copy. They are protected. I can't seem to back-up my Dragon Age Origins save files...too much work to just delete!

I could use the backup and transfer method, from one PS3 to a new one, but I am not ready to buy a new one yet...if it dies on me now, I'll be very sad.

kreate2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

u hav to re do the HDD.
than the more freezing than usual thing goes away.

u can use the backup transfer and put it in a external HDD. and just keep it in there until u find a new ps3.

aaronobst2733d ago

Do a full system backup (in the backup utility) and format the HDD

I had frequent freezing issues and it cleared 'em up

egidem2733d ago

I think I'll do that today. Thanks for the tip.

Hitman07692734d ago

Way worth it, I picked it up for 50 recently and that is amazing.

Schism202734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I have never played a campaign as much as I have Gow 3 i beat it like 6 times lol cant believe just how good the game was.

Dam I also just realized this game came out last march right? Year went by way to fast.

Pandamobile2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

How is $30 for a year old game "RIDICULOUS"?

Maybe $20, or $15 could be considered ridiculous, but ~$30 is what a year old game with no multiplayer or coop should retail for anyway.

zootang2734d ago

You obviously never played God of War 3

Pandamobile2734d ago

I rented it in the summer. Got about 1/4 way through it but I didn't like it too much. I'm not a hack & slash kind of guy.

zootang2734d ago

Why are you here then, strange.

thebudgetgamer2734d ago

if it had read good deal on gow 3 it would be fine. for me ridiculous = at least 19.99.

Kalowest2734d ago

"You obviously never played God of War 3"
It was short, and it felt stupid to me.

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Megaton2734d ago

If it was made by EA, $20 would be the standard price this long after launch. $30 is what it should cost normally at this point, at the most.

Kalowest2734d ago

@Pandamobile I agree its a okay game. I will buy it when its $20.

MrBeatdown2734d ago

Agreed. Not "RIDICULOUS" at all. I got it for $30 new from for $30. $20 after coupon.

I guess people just need to learn how to shop.

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showtimefolks2734d ago

never selling/trading it its a master piece if you like hack/slash combat this game is a beautiful master piece

The_Quiet_Man2734d ago

Same here bought GOW3 day one, it's one of those games I'll never trade. Not enough hack n slash games this gen (for me anyway). I also held onto the 1st two original GOW games for the PS2, great franchise.

showtimefolks2733d ago

the original GOW2 plus the hd remakes plus the 3rd

there are some hack-slash but there are none as polished as GOW3

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