Video Gaming’s Most Terrifying Enemy Was Made By...Nintendo

Kotaku: You think Nintendo characters, and you think kid's stuff. Big eyes, cute haircuts, cuddly creations that couldn't scare a baby. But there is one character the company created that, even as an adult, scares the crap out of me.

And that's the ReDead.

Why? It's not for their looks. Sure, these guys look ghastly, particularly the Ocarina version's concept art (see above), and the Wind Waker ReDeads goofy grin and red eyes do not a pleasant character make. But there's nothing particularly terrifying about a mummified corpse. That's been seen - and done - a million times before.

It's not for their behaviour, either.

No, what makes the ReDead the scariest enemy Nintendo has ever made - and that I've ever faced in a video game - is that sound. That indescribable, inhuman shriek they let loose when they detect you and prepare to attack. It's bone-chilling. So paralysing is it that, mirroring the effect it generates in the player upon first encountering it, Nintendo had Link freeze in place when he hears it, unable to move and leaving him stuck and forced to watch the ReDead approach, one slow step at a time, to take a bite out of his skull.

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jeeves862704d ago

Prelude of Light! PRELUDE OF LIGHT!

These guys never particularly bothered me. But now that I've seen the concept art...:S

Raider692703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )


Pyramid Head silent hill,anyone!?

Relientk772703d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth

^now THAT is fuking scary

Burning_Finger2703d ago

Apparently, the author of this article never played outside of Nintendo's consoles. The zombies on the original resident evil are scary as f***.

Zachmo1822703d ago

Haha yea the ones that one after you scared me a bit.

Zachmo1822703d ago

Haha meant to say the ones that ran after you.

rezzah2703d ago

Nintendo fanboy much?

There are many games with shyt that would make you piss your pants before you even noticed.

Which ones? Hell, all the freaking survival horror games are the best examples.