Socom 4: First Direct Feed Gameplay Of Zippers New Mission Base Co-Op

Socom 4's co-op mode features five players online, the mode allows gamers to choose the type of online experience that want by offering different features in the games settings that can be tweaked accordingly. To give us an Idea of what a mission base co-op experience is like in Socom 4, Sony drop....

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fromasterjay2486d ago

Socom was a series i missed out on...but I am excited to get this new one!

Dante1122486d ago

That was pretty cool. Can't wait to try out the beta.

vgcgames2486d ago

I agree Zipper's back and the new features are amazing.

BobbyMcCOOL2486d ago

sony has all the shooters this year, well most of the really good ones and there exclusive

Hitman07692486d ago

Amazing, I am so glad to hear this has co - op! : )

Schism202486d ago

I wanna see the new victory dances their gonna have.

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The story is too old to be commented.