A Brutal Initiation to PvP — But One I Chose

Kotaku: A Brutal Initiation to PvP — But One I ChoseI was adjusting my costume atop a skyscraper in Gotham City when a tour bus soared up into view and hovered there. There was a red diamond on my mini-map, meaning an enemy human player. If Had I created Wile E. Coyote here in D.C. Universe Online, I would have cowered under a tiny umbrella, or a sign that said "Yipe!"

Fittingly, the cartoon dizzy swirls circled my head as the guy smashed the bus into me three or four times. I'm proud I lasted that long. It's funny that I saw the bus that hit me, but not the superhero wielding it, so I have no idea what level he was. But you unlock super strength at level 20. I was about level six at this point.

Bus-Man's antics were cute the first time. Not so much the second or third time. Or fourth time.

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Rynx2703d ago

Interesting article. While a little weird with the whole past fraternity experience, it's enjoyable to read that he likes the game.

zootang2703d ago

Very fun game a classic RPG that's online with action elements, brilliant.