Yakuza 4 Over 80 Hours Of Gameplay, New Shenmue Talk Finally Surfaces Must See Interview

Yakuza has stepped up the quality in a major way, multiple characters, deeper fighting system, multiple story paths, this game is going to surprise alot of people when it hit the states for the official release.

Seriously who needs a RPG when you have over 80 hours of gameplay, story, and more, this game is a must buy everyone check this out.


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Hitman07692518d ago

Wow that's crazy good replay value, didn't see that coming!!

Jezuz2518d ago

I played the demo and i don't see whats so fun about it. Just button mashing, is there any other aspect of this game? other than fighting?

lepolohuevo2518d ago

Yes, city exploration (Tokyo), minigames, sports, sidequests, great storyline (and so much more)... The demo was really shitty and demonstrated none of that.

Sega thought that us westerners like blood and over-the-top violence over everything, so we got this instead. It pisses me off when Japanese devs try to "appeal" to the western market, because all we get is an amputated shitfest game like FF13, or Vanquish and the soon to be Binary Domain.

If you want a better taste of the Yakuza experience, download the Yakuza 3 demo.

Bravo42518d ago

Vanquish a "shitfest"? I must disagree.

lepolohuevo2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Ok, Vanquish did good gameplay wise, I'll give it that. But the story full of american stereotypes and clichés were too much to handle and was too unbearable. It's a perfect example of "trying" to appeal a different market a hit a wall.

akiraburn2518d ago

@Jezuz, if you really want to see what Yakuza is like, I believe there is a Yakuza 3 demo on the PSN store which will give you a much fuller aspect of what the game is like. It's exactly as Lepolohuevo said. The demo was a very bad representation of the entire game, as it's main focuses have always been things like storytelling, RPG aspects, city exploration, tons of mini games, and other similar aspects. The "brawler"/"Beat em' Up" portion is only a part of it, and even that gets better, deeper, and more fun as the game continues.

It's also like I mentioned in a prior news article... we sort of got shafted in terms of demos with this one, because the demo that came out on the Japan PSN store last year was massive and really gave a full experience with mini-games and lots of story and exploration, whereas this one is just showing some fighting mechanics off and it really gives potential new players a misleading impression of what the game actually is about.

ABizzel12518d ago

I'm on vacation so I'm going to make it my goal to beat Killzone 3, Yakuza 1, Yakuza 2, and Yakuza 3.

aCasualGamer2518d ago

I tried the demo and it was disappointing.

Atleast the visuals were great, but gameplay wise it was too repetitive.

I'm talking about the demo, i haven't played the final game yet.

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Kreyg2518d ago

80 hours of gameplay? NO ONE better complain about that!

WetN00dle692518d ago

As long as the game is not CUT no one will complain.

dalibor2518d ago

To bad because people will. I can already see some saying it's just to much in a game, who plays games for that long? Especially since it's exclusive, that just amounts to more problems.

ChrisW2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )


It better have 81 hours of gameplay or I'm not getting it! :P

Kreyg2518d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO How could you do that to the poor game!

fromasterjay2518d ago

Sounds like a lot of game...

vgcgames2518d ago

that's a lot of fighting.

Bravo42518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Its not all fighting, there are TONS of other side activities.

Batting Cages
Boxellios(Arcade shooter)
UFO Catcher
Coin Lockerts
Cabaret Clubs (Which can quickly eat up a dozen hours.)
This isn't even all the mini-games! I think I've left out a few. But anyway...
Revelations and Exploration (Real life restaurants, drinks, fastfoods, and tons of other tie-ins)

There's of course the fighting based ones like:
Cage fighting (There's about a dozen match types. Fighting on a large hotplate? Hells to the yeah its here!)
Inner 7

And of course the other new ones added to Yakuza 4. I believe you can train and enter your own fighters to tournaments now.

Not to mention the MANY crazy side quests.
Carrying Ice Cream across a street? Looking for a cat? Helping a debt burdened man who wants to commit suicide? Running away from a Man-looking lady?

Damn, I could go on and on! But I think everyone gets the idea now, LOL!

ChrisW2518d ago

Coin Lockers??? My all time favorite activity!!!

Allowen2518d ago

This seems to have more value then Dragon Age 2 that is an RPG !

I loved DA:O but this DA2 did not caught me ...both will pop at the stores on the same week and I might choose to buy Yakuza4

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