Why Mortal Kombat was banned in Australia

The Classification Board have sent GamePron their report, and it all looks about like you’d expect – the game contains violence that “exceeds strong in impact” and is therefore unsuitable for persons aged under 18 years to play.

The entire report is surprisingly interesting reading.

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Dart892731d ago

Wow that's some f**ked up shit right there.

Larry L2730d ago

Thank You Classification Board............

...........For confirming QUAN CHI !!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Iroquois_Pliskin2730d ago

And by that i guess MK is automatically banned in the Middle East

Commander_TK2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Uh... No.

Quagmire2730d ago


Iroquois, it seems your knowledge of the world is limited to what is being fed to you by Fox news and propaganda media...

Montrealien2730d ago

Fox would be propaganda if we could not change the channel.

ZeroX98762730d ago

I'm not australian, but they still can import the US or Europe version. Region free, isn't it nice!?!?? :D

ZeroX98762730d ago

oops, forgot to say that the PS3 version is region free. For the 360 version..... I don't know

Larry L2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

360 games being region free is on a game by game basis, and not many are, it's fairly rare. that is, is Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. So this one might be as well.

ZeroX98762730d ago

oh, that would be nice for aussie 360 fans!
I didn't know some 360 games were region free.

jetlian2730d ago

from japan are 99 percent locked the asian versions are 90 percent unlocked

AssassinHD2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Not having an R18+ classification is absolutely stupid.


So you are one of those who subscribes to the theory that video games influence behavior. Why is it then that millions of people play video games every day and have a firm grasp on reality?

You want to know what really influences behavior? Poor or nonexistent parenting. Gaming is just a convenient scapegoat.

rezzah2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Well youre right and wrong. There are people who can enjoy R rated games however there are parents who dont care what they buy their children as long as they get to see them smile or just to shut them up.

So basically is it better to have accessibility to Adult type media or to take it away for good? Personally I think life would be better psychologically on children if the stuff didn't exists for them to obtain so easily. Then again you can say that they will learn it eventually, but to learn it at a young age makes it seem "normal". and of course they seek it out over and over again because to them it's normal.

I say better they learn what they learn on their own (obviously you can't hide the world from them) but hopefully by the tme they learn w.e R rated stuff they have the knowledge of what is right and wrong.

Baka-akaB2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

if a parent can't look at what they buy properly , then the kid will find its rated R material in another not yet banned medium with the same effect .

So no the later option is just useless

ZeroX98762730d ago

There's something I always tought for games like these. When A little kid come to the cash to buy or rent those kind of games, the employee should ask for parents permissions. When the parent comes, he should explain why the game is rated 18+ and tell the parents that it's their decision to decide if yes or not their kid is mature enough to play this.

Responsability of a child education is a parent's job. That's why company like microsoft puts parental control on their consoles. There should be more information on the parental control.

rezzah2730d ago

Your right about that but it isnt always the case with every single individual, there are always exceptions to everything.

But who knows, it would depend on if the outcome of removing a R type media will be better on the youth rather than to have it.

Is less R rated media worse or better on the youth? I say better (my opinion, but of course there are exceptions) since theres less of a chance of them gaining a hunger for gore or sex.

rezzah2730d ago

Youre right zero however with a thought on any topic you should also focus on the exceptions, that being in your view, even with more reasons to give parents not to buy these games there will always be those who don't care about what they buy.

I would hope that most parents would like to be seen as the best parents in the world it doesn't mean that their way of teaching their child or telling them of what is right or wrong is actually right or wrong.

And there are always the parents who don't really care for what their child looks at as long as they shut up and be quiet.

There are endless possibilities so it is quite hard to focus on a single line of view for the world.

eraursls842730d ago

Some people are irresponsible with their money, does this mean the government should take it and only give us what they want us to have (dont answer that, I have a feeling you are a Marxist, communist or socialist and that sounds like a great idea to you)

rezzah2730d ago


"does this mean the government should take it and only give us what they want us to have (dont answer that, I have a feeling you are a Marxist, communist or socialist and that sounds like a great idea to you)"

Sorry but I will have to answer that based on your assumption of what I am. In truth I don't know exactly what category I fall in, but what I do know is the world is in conflict due to a lack of understanding for each other.

Here is my answer:

It actually sounds like a terrible idea, and I hope it never happens because the day it does it means the government is holding us by the balls =p

They shouldn't pick what is right for us based on their own belief and opinions. But based on reasons to better the country and it's youth, and they should back up their reasons with very good information. So just because the government makes a decision does not make it the right one. But as you can see with what I have said, there can be good choices (for the betterment of society) or bad choices (personal gain) by the government.

Basically everything has both a bad and good side, however what makes the choice or act bad or good is based on the perceiver; which is you and me (the ones below). People want to see their opinions flourish in the world and disregard opposition opinions as false. But what makes an opinion or a personal belief good or bad? Possibly our own opinions (yet again) on morality and culture come into play here which would aid us into deciding what opinions and personal beliefs in the world are right or wrong.

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blackblades2730d ago

I'm glad I live in America.

jetlian2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

that. amazing how grown ass people can't play a game for grown ass people. This whole world has to cater to families BS needs to stop

edit : the new motorstorm not in new zealand because 100 people died in an earthquake. Crazy like they really have time for a game

blackblades2730d ago

motorstorm not in new zealand because of a earthquake that's so lame. Sometimes I just don't get other countries.

Der_Kommandant2730d ago

Thank God i don't live there

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