Fable 3 Heavily Discounted with FREE SHIPPING for a Limited time

Conflicting Gamers - "Pick up a copy of Fable 3 for a heavily discounted price....only for a limited time!"

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Hitman07692763d ago

well I wonder why, not that many people liked it. I still want to give it a try even though Fable disappointed me a long time ago.

DelbertGrady2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Not that many people liked it? Really? What do you base that assumption on? It has a respectable metacritic avg of 80 and enjoyed pretty decent sales as well.

I've actually played through the whole game and then some. There's tons to do even after you've finished the main story. I didn't even open half of the riddle gates and still spent over 25 hours on it. Imo it's the best Fable game of the bunch.

seinfan2763d ago

I've only put in a few hours during my semester break from college (AC Brotherhood ate up most of my gaming time). I still think the first Fable was the best.

Brash_Attack2763d ago

I like Fable II but I've heard such bad things about this one. The price is tempting tho.

fromasterjay2763d ago

It's still worth a play through...

Brash_Attack2763d ago

A $30 playthrough? Because I can survive waiting for it to drop more. I'm in no rush.

kreate2763d ago


that's a funny way of putting it.
wait another 3 months its going to be 9.99 with free shipping.

game suck balls... and hopefully the message went through the thick skull of peter monoleux.

Kalowest2763d ago

I like the Fable series. I still have Fable 1, and I'm playing Fable 2 right now. Just wait for the GOTY Edition, the game and all the DLC for a low price.

DaBadGuy2763d ago

Gamefly it or if there is a Blockbuster still standing near you, give it a rent. I was sorely disappointed with Fable III, but you may not feel the same. I also liked Fable II, I hated Fable III.

I'd say give it a rent if you absolutely must play it through, like I had to. It's not worth it to buy the game if you ask me.

vgcgames2763d ago

this is a game worth of the purchase

SovereignSnaKe2763d ago

-ha! i picked tomb raider anniversary over Fable III a few days ago!!

Kalowest2763d ago

I'll just wait for the GOTY edition, and buy it for $30.

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The story is too old to be commented.