'Sexy' Wii game: worst trailer of all time

PC & Tech Authority: "Last week, Techland unleashed one of the most harrowing game trailers of all time for its zombie RPG Dead Island. This week, the bar has been raised even higher.

Ubi Soft has just released a new trailer for We Dare; a “fun and flirty” party game for adults. Words cannot adequately describe the sheer unmitigated horror contained within this clip. It makes Dead Island look like a walk in the park."

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HolyOrangeCows2768d ago

Removed from YT.

Hint: "+" -> "Helpful"
Helpful, unlike this game to one's sex life.

Spitfire_Riggz2768d ago

That was.. excuse my language.. Fucking.. disturbing

nilamo2768d ago

God why does nintendo insist on marketing wii games this way. You really think people will play your game like that??

Pedobear Rocks2768d ago

This isn't a Nintendo is Ubisoft and will be available on X/PS3 and Wii

bwazy2768d ago

One day I was surfing my Satillite and my remote batteries died.... It landed on the Tree house Network..... This trailer makes treehouse look like Spike TV in terms of awesomeness.....

There are some things you can't unsee...

Stewie2k82768d ago

they should make sure to clean all the sweat from those wii remotes before rubbing their faces over it...

Pedobear Rocks2768d ago

I could see me and the neighborhood kids really getting into this.

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The story is too old to be commented.