Veronica Belmont - Hot Girls In Gaming Ep 4 (A Star Arrives)

Veronica Belmont A beautiful star in the game industry has achieved so many goals with more on the way to capture.

Her talent on a scale from 1 to 10 is a easy 1 million and on this episode of Hot Girls In Gaming the HipHopGamer goes in deep on how Veronica Belmont has helped push this industry forward as well as make the female gamer presence relevant for the world to see.

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Hitman07692553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I've been waiting for the next Hot Girls in Gaming, great show as always!



fromasterjay2553d ago

hot there anything better?

Kreyg2553d ago

Yes. TWO hot girls and gaming.

SeNiLesBack2553d ago

I guess 3 kids like knitting with their grandma better J... HAHAHA!!!

Passthemic2552d ago

That Ryan Block is one lucky fellow :)

DEagle-izer2552d ago

It's really WTFk worthy for HHG to have a clip of a topless white dude dancing and a man sinning into the mic while he's on the other side talkin about Veronica bein in bed.

Really, that kills the mood.

CaptainGreece2553d ago

My cousin Vivian is a hardcore gamer and she is hot. Her favorite game is Modnation racers.

JoshuaN4G2553d ago

only way to prove it is with pics.

256bit2553d ago

....your cousin.....there nothing wrong with that :S

arjman2553d ago

Unless you're a girl, that is weird...


Novelty of gamer girls has worn off, just seems like its a fast track for attention.

wenaldy2553d ago

She's better than Raychul Moore..

Visari2553d ago

Oh look, another one of these shitty articles. This should at least be filtered out with the rest of the spam.

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The story is too old to be commented.