Mortal Kombat Reboot Banned in Australia

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "According to a recent news post by IGN, the latest and goriest entry into the Mortal Kombat franchise has been refused classification in Australia's outdated and problem riddled classification process..."

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bfenty2768d ago

Agreed. Sorry guys :(

Panthers2768d ago

Thats how MK should be. Extremely gory. Sad to hear for the Aussies, but otherwise this is good news lol.

specialguest2768d ago

Well... at least the Aussies still have those huggable and adorable koalas.

Drjft2768d ago

Just going to import it instead.

Hitman07692768d ago

Thank god for imports, Aussies have it rough I think.

specialguest2768d ago

Might not be a good idea if you play online a lot. The lag is going to suck if it's P2P.

Quagmire2768d ago

If its banned, does it mean its illegal to sell/purchase within the country, or illegal to have/own/play in the country. If the latter, doesnt that render Importing useless?

Dan502768d ago

From a website who emailed a customer about their pre order.

"Dear Customers,

Thanks for pre-ordering Mortal Kombat. We’ve just been given some disappointing news from the distributor. The Office of Film and Literature Classification have made a unanimous ruling to ban Mortal Kombat for sale or import into Australia, as it is a unanimous decision we’ve been told they are unable to lodge an appeal. Unfortunately we will be cancelling your pre orders. We will keep your emails on file in case a modified version becomes available so we can notify you.

stonecold32768d ago

yep im an aussie to i guess im going to get it on ebay this is silly it really is the megadrive and snes version got released long time ago in australia now why sudden to banned this version well if anyone can keep me posted when its due out it would be helpful bubble up

N4GAddict2768d ago

Time for them to import

jaredhart2768d ago

I don't understand the censorship. Pretty silly.

Quagmire2768d ago

Its more like a lack of censorship. They dont have an R18 classification, so if its unsuitable for either 15-17, then its unsuitable for everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.