GameSpot: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Extended Hands-On, Part Two

A few weeks ago, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal were kind enough to let GameSpot play through the first three or so hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They brought you their impressions of the pre-credits prologue not long after that, and now, they're back to give you a little more detail on what happens after the title fades and the game's conspiracy starts to build.

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showtimefolks2704d ago

and now from all we know they are still saying 2011 but it if its not summer don't expect this in a crazy busy fall 2011

from what i have read since its such a huge project and so many different elements that have to work some of the things weren't as polished and weren't working as designed so that's why it was delayed

SE expect this game to be a huge seller so i am glad it didn't get released than we would have had to wait for many patches to fix these issues

here is hoping it does come out in summer 2011 but if it needs more time take your time and give us a masterpiece from what i understand dues-ex 1 was amazing and invisible walls was good too

Tilian2704d ago

Not a huge fan of FPSs these days, but this has my interest, esp. due to the aesthetics and story on trans-humanism. Let's hope it's an actual intelligent narrative and not dumbed down for the FPS genre.