IGN: Knights Contract Review

Knights Contract is a miserable game that IGN hopes you do not have the misfortune to play. It completely blows up a cool premise with maddeningly stupid AI (a death sentence in a game that’s a glorified escort mission), a terrible camera that enables its unfair (and un-fun) instant kills, and a boss battle formula that should have never made past the first month of development. If you manage to run the gauntlet and make it to the end of Knights Contract, you will have undoubtedly let loose a string of paint-peeling curse words not only at the screen, but also at your wallet, which is now sixty bucks lighter with nothing remotely fun to show for it.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 5.0
Sound - 6.0
Gameplay - 3.5
Lasting Appeal - 3.0

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ElementX2765d ago

You actually thought this would be good?

CaptainGreece2766d ago

Remember IGN God Hand review they gave it a 3 and it was really a 9. Also they said that the sound track for God Hand was terrible tell me are these tracks terrible?

despair2766d ago

you are really comparing god hand to this piece of crap? The game is bad just watch any gameplay vid to see that.

CaptainGreece2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Not comparing just making a point how IGN is unreliable and how they are fake gamers. I don't care what they gave Uncharted 2 there God Hand review was so insulting and despicable to Platinum they worked dam hard to make that game.

@Chaos Striker i have a girlfriend so i automatically win :)

You want to trust them for gaming that is fine just saying i wont FatOldbitch i mean man :)

@despair You know what you are right maybe i was too hard on IGN. Just seeing that score gave me a flashback.

despair2766d ago

Unreliable? In what way? I see reviews that sometimes I agree with and sometimes disagree with from a variety of reviewers. You pointed out 1 game that was reviewed a long time ago by someone who isn't even at IGN anymore, other than they giving games you like a score you don't agree(or vice versa) with what else shows unreliability?

Oh and for the record there are many times I don't agree with IGN reviews or Point of view but that does not mean I would call the website unreliable or their reviewers "fake gamers".

Ducky2766d ago

So... IGN reviews a game in 2011, and you bring up a game from 2006~2007 just to bring up the point that they can't be trusted in their reviews?

Way to be relevant dude.

Darkfocus2766d ago

it's an opinion as all reviews are, no one should rely on a single review to decide the way godhand does have terrible music...imo

GrandTheftZamboni2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I have a feeling I'll love this game. The trailer reminds me of Folklore and Days of the Blade which I both loved (even with bad camera works for the latter). After buying into GTA IV hype, I trust studios' names and trailers more than reviews.

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Quagmire2766d ago

Wow, I knew it wasnt gona be good, but damn.

What is wrong with you Namco Bandai?

Infernostew2766d ago

What's wrong is they're choosing to waste their money on garbage games like these instead of bring over all the tales of games.

the_kutaragi_baka2766d ago

people will never learn that reviews of ign are useless.

Chaos Striker2766d ago

So I must assume that you have already played the game. What score did you give it? Seriously, criticize someone when you actually have some EVIDENCE to support your claim.

Quagmire2765d ago

What people dont seem to understand is that while many dont agree with their scores, its their criticisms which you have to look into.

CaptainGreece2766d ago

Don't listen to IGN they gave a game like this a 3 they are spawns of Satan.

Chaos Striker2766d ago

Right. IGN sucks, they gave Uncharted 2 a 9.5. They gave inFamous a 9.0. They gave Metal Gear Solid a 10/10. I should not listen to them because their reviews suck. Get a life.

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The story is too old to be commented.