Beyond Good & Evil HD Being Used to Gauge Interest In Sequel?

It seems like forever ago that Ubisoft had announced the long-awaited sequel to the cult favorite "Beyond Good and Evil" (actually, it was nearly 3 years ago at E3 2008), but since then we've gotten no news. Ubisoft seems intent on keeping fans in the dark while they decide exactly what to do with the title. After all, the original was a commercial disappointment; yet, it was also critically acclaimed.

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christheredhead2649d ago

of course this determines if or when they release a sequel. if the game flops i highly doubt ubisoft would take the risk to release 2. i will be buying the hd remake even though i already own a gamecube and ps2 copy. with trophies and hd support i cant complain. if my money can go towards the release of beyond good and evil 2 then i am happy.

Jaces2648d ago

I remember this game standing out among the rest when it first came out, glad to see it'll be released again in HD this time.

If the sales are to determine a sequel then hell yea I'll buy it again.

EVILDEAD3602648d ago

Good luck..ask Riddick how that turned out..

The critics absolutely adored this game and it's great the HD afterlife is rejuvenizing these gems..but a Beyond sequel would be highly unlikely in these hard economic times for developers.


Kalowest2648d ago

I'm buying this game. I heard so much about, now i have a chance to play it.

Quagmire2648d ago

Me too. One of the reasons of the uncertain production of a sequel was due to the lack of sales of the first. Hopefully many people buy this to prove that it does finally deserve a sequel this time 'round.

jimmywolf2648d ago

they took too long remaking this last year would been good release this year their lot good AAA game from RPG too shooter that it have compete for sales if it 10 dollars instant buy anything more an it risk been ignore till a sale hits on a side note it was a very good game that deserving a part 2

showtimefolks2648d ago

games like

beyond good and evil
which were missed by a lot of people will give gamers like me a 2nd chance to play these games because i never did before

hopefully single eateries like beyond good and evil means we will get other single titles in hD like GODHAND and stff

Jaces2648d ago

GODHAND was fu*king hilarious! Man that was a jewel for sure.

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