CVG - Gears of War 3 Beta: Gears grows up?

Gears of War is no longer the deathmatch of choice for the 13-year-old trash talker; it's the thinking man's cover shooter.

Going hands-on with the upcoming Gears 3 Xbox Live multiplayer beta last night, we discovered a Gears of War that's more thoughtful, tactical, inviting and... well, grown up than its predecessors.

Key to the chainsaw gun revolution is the new tactical button, assigned to LB, which allows players to instantly see where their teammates, weapon spawns and other tactical intel is located on the map.

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GSpartan7772768d ago

This is great to know. Unfortunately, :( I don't have a beta so I will not be able to try it out.

gamingdroid2768d ago

Then get Bulletstorm. So far I love the game!

Getting into Gears of War 3 Beta is just a bonus.

blumatt2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I rented Bulletstorm. Don't waste your money on it. Buy Gears but not Bulletstorm. Gears 3 looks good. Definitely an improvement over 1 and 2.

XBL: Blu Matt

gamingdroid2767d ago

Why do you not like Bulletstorm?

HacSawJimThugin2767d ago

I couldn't agree more, BulletStorm is the most fun I had playing a FPS since MWF. My only gripe so far is the dumb ass who think that this games is COD where being a lone wolf rewards with kill streaks. BulletStorm requires TEAM WORK in multiplayer not soloist. If you see some kick the AI then shoot at the fucka being kicked, it yields more points...anyways...I cant wait for the beta but until then I will continue to punish the leader boards...if any wants to go have my gamer tag hit me up!!

Kalowest2768d ago

I love the sound of these improvements.

Reborn2768d ago

This sounds interesting.
I'd like to see it in action though.

8thnightvolley2768d ago

blood is pumpin for this... always happy gears has no nasty kids

lil Titan2768d ago

"Gears of War is no longer the deathmatch of choice for the 13-year-old trash talker; it's the thinking man's cover shooter."
yeah whatever, who wants to bet money ill hear that 13 year old playing gears 3 being just as annoying as ever.

PeeWizzle2768d ago

Everybody on Xbox Live is annoying.

ginsunuva2767d ago

They'll be 15 this year.

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