Kotaku: Some Game Characters Need To Keep Their Big Mouths Shut

Kotaku: Today I was arguing in defense of Valve keeping Chell silent in Portal 2.

A few commenters remarked how they want Chell to speak, or commented on how Valve was lazy for choosing to keep the protagonist in most of their games mute. For me, the last thing I would want in Portal 2 is for Chell to speak. Having Chell snap off one-liners would totally conflict with how I imagine the character would be.

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Kran2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Keep them silent.

That way, epic shows like Freemans Mind, Barney's Mind, Chell's Mind and Shepards Mind can come out of it ;D

Quagmire2770d ago

She looks like Faith's sister

and one character who needed to shuttup was Issac Clarke. Great games, loved the silent protagonist of the first, but he became a whiny bitch in the sequel. I always pictured him as more of the sam fisher "speak only when necessary" type.

Lamarthedancer2769d ago

I don't know keeping Chell silent is a bad idea to be honest. I don;t mind Gordon Freeman in Half life but when Half life 2 came out there was some bits you would think he would say something.

I think this "We want you to feel like your the character in the game" is just them being lazy

If Chell really has been there for a long time she would be cracking up without social interaction....doing anything to speak to someone. Like when Wheatly bursts into her room.