Killzone 3: "Wow, this is art" (Hooked Gamers)

Killzone 3 is the first marquee Playstation3 title to feature all the bells and whistles the console currently offers, those being the Move and 3D support, of course. We here at Hooked Gamers, however, decided to take a different approach with our review. For the core gamer we axed the Move and avoided the over-priced 3D technology. We are here to bring you an in-depth and unbiased review of the Killzone experience most of you will enjoy. And enjoy it you will.

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benighted death2763d ago

first,i really LOVE the game!!
but i must say one thing that really bugs me...i really dont get why i was able to "upscale" the DEMO to 1080p and i cant even do it with the full game!!i have a 46" samsung LED and theres a HUGE difference between 720p and 1080p..even 1080i !!
that REALLY bugs me! i hope they will patch it so at least we will be able to upscale it to 1080i,because 720p really sucks for me!
beside that the game is just great..its by far the best FPS i've played this year and so far it deserve to be GOTY

BK-2012763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

1080i is worse than 720p and upscaling games doesn't make them look better and you can lose detail.

You guys don't believe me? 1080i is just 540p upscaled and looks a lot worse in motion than 720p. Although it will give you slightly better image quality, its just not worth it for gaming.

Kon2763d ago

"1080i is worse than 720p" Yeah, you bet.

Tommykrem2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Believe me, 1080i has the potential to be a lot better than 720p, but most games doesn't handle 1080i very well at all. Rainbow Six

EDIT: 1080i is not the same as 1080p btw :P
If anyone didn't know.

cooperdnizzle2763d ago

This dude tells the truth don't know why he got disagreed with! But what he says is true. On topic, the game is pretty good, best graphics ever for sure, but i was unhappy with some of the gamplay i thought they could have done more with the story as well. I would give the game an 8.5 overall. some of the sound wasn't to great either, and the dialog was a bit underwhelming at times. It is a good game and i would recommenced to every one. But i will say GG studio's need some work still. I think they will get better and better as they grow as a team. They have only made a hand full of games. And i think in 5 years they will be at the top of there game.

egidem2763d ago

Maybe I should pick up the game and start playing before those crazy kids online rank up to elite statuses.

jack_burt0n2763d ago

Find a casual, give them a move controller and sit them in front of KZ3 in 3D.


DigitalAnalog2763d ago

Killzone 3's native resolution is 720p. And THAT is the preferred resolution to stick to if you want the best possible experience. I had to do this to all my games preventing them from upscaling to 1080p because they sacrifice image quality. Worst for you, a 46" screen would make that far more noticeable.

-End of Line

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achira2763d ago

best game ever ! really its damn good. so fluid and by far the best graphics i have witnessed. i can only recommend this really awesome game.

Stealth20k2763d ago ShowReplies(2)
therapist2763d ago

ahhhh the jaggies.....the jaggies


this game looks worse than killzone 2, i popped 2 in just to make sure and yes, without a doubt there is way more annoying jaggies and moving jitter in this game, i would say 70% more

killzone 2 is a far better looking game

macky3012763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

wtf are you talking about it is 720P with 4xMSAA* (edit-MLAA).. ?

teh horror,...

-edit: TYPO,. Yes BK-201 ,.. you are right,.. MLAA* (thanx bro)

BK-2012763d ago

MLAA not MSAA, MLAA can sometimes be the equivalent of 16xAA, at least thats what DF determined with GOW3 that used MLAA.

cooperdnizzle2763d ago

Wow you need to get some new eyes/ And the do use a type of anti aliasing. I don't know what you have seen, but i think you lying. Starting stuff just to star stuff. The game looks way better than Killzone 2/ And yea i am not a fan boy of this game. I thought it was good but that's it. But i can't lie the graphics are the best on a console for sure. Get a new tv or get your eyes check/ I think you have a problem. Or your a lair

Master of Unlocking2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I think I know what he's getting at: what he's seen is not "jaggies" (or "aliasing"), but "scintillating", or "moving jitter" as he calls it.
It happens on the screen with objects wich have a lot of thin, parallel lines very close to each other, in Killzone 3 or just about any game ever made, and regardless of the amount of AA used (yes, K3 uses some very effective AA, so that's not the problem).

It happens on low-end TV sets, I believe. Mine is not a Sony, or even Samsung or whatever, and it does that in places, on just about any game. I've seen this effect even on Top-of-the-line gaming rigs, simply because the monitor hooked to it was crap, apparently.

Bottom of the line is, you need to change your TV and buy a Sony Bravia, just like I'm gonna have to do, if only to enjoy 3D, therapist. My condolences to your wallet (and to mine)

house2763d ago

im honestly trying to understand how you think killzone 2 looks better than killzone 3 just with the demo alone i know kilzone 3 looks better

callahan092763d ago

What jaggies? Haven't noticed any jaggies. The game has mindblowingly amazing graphics.

cooperdnizzle2763d ago

Dude your funny, Your a pc fan boy. I have a great rig, and to tell ya the truth.... The are no good games for pc. The only game i really like on pc is mass effect. O yea and all your comments are the same thing, "To many Jaggies" Ever post i read of yours said that. Get off here and go play your pc/ O yea that's right you have nothing to play... Pc are over hyped. I bought my rig and it just sits there. Get over yourself!

therapist2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

cooper...the only thing you have ever posted about on this site is killzone 3 for the last two months, i wouldn't trust your word for shit, that would be like asking Rush Limbaugh if obama was doing a good job

yeah....ok....Crysis 2 on ps3 will look real sweet for you patch killzone 3 is downloading right now 38mb, they just patched it , wtf is up with this game, maybe i just got a fuxed up copy, everyone here is either lying to themselves or i got the copy that looks awful, moving objects, muddy texture and most of all...JAGGIES

there are so many it is looks like halo 3 with all the terribly unsmooth lines

-gosh i know pc doesn't get any games

@house, because you are all blinded by the hype you cannot see there is a matric ton of jaggies in this game, I have tried it on my 42lcd, my 50 plasma, my 23" monitor and my 32 in the workout room just to see, no matter what i do, there are jaggies everywhere, tried dropping sharpness, it is there no matter what.

Ju2763d ago

Dude, seriously. Get your eyes checked or your TV. Either one (or both??) is broken...

cooperdnizzle2763d ago

Now i know your just a lair. I have posted on crysis two, Gears, GT bullet storm. And plenty of other. My word is not shit. I play more game's then you would ever play. I own every console back to the nes. So yea dude. Your a pc fan boy. Me on the other had, i am a sony fan boy. But i support all gaming console. So i can form an opinion, cause i play all my console.

fredfenster2763d ago

Successful troll is successful.

house2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

wow you just keep going like some one said above killzone uses MlAA your just trying to start a fanboy war.
i haven't seen theses jaggies you are talking about and to compare it to halo 3 come on man that's just very very idiotic

and this is of the ps3 alone with games

and 360

the ps3 and the 360 have 1000 games each compared to pc that has 196.

(nice ignoring my respond to the the lack of games on pc)

there might be a few here and there but your the blind one if you compare it to halo3 that's honestly stupid i think you have the fan boy goggles on just your state ment "killzone 2 looks better" when killzone 2 didnt even have MLLA and killzone 3 does so if anything these so called "jaggies" you see would be alot less in killzone 3

therapist2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

honestly, it's just that i was baffled by your stupidity, did you look at the amazon list, there are 18,064 pc games on sale at amazon,

there is 1,301 360 games and 2128 ps3 games, so, umm yeah...

and on pc, you can actually play games from the previous "gen"

so there's your response, what's yours??

oh wait, what could you say, i just produced 14, 365 more games than both consoles combined have, all played on one machine, what could you say...seriously...there is nothing you can say because i just owned you harder than anyone has ever been owned on n4g ever


house2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

lmao owned me/s

yeah you owned me yet yet your going around the point of you stupidity of compairing halo 3 to to killzone 3 yeah you got me/s

and to the to the 14 000 games are most of them AAA oh wait Scrabble Champion Edition takes the crown goty (and for pc there's 14 000 games most of those are from last gen if you want to add last gen games the ps2 basically owns it by it self )

clearelite2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Don't even worry about it House. Anyone who comes on the forums to lie about a game is full of it anyway. That = Autopwned

Killzone 3 is absolutely stunning. I picked my copy up today. Best looking console game I have ever played and the most fun I've had online since Counterstrike. I've yet to see if it has as many OMG moments as God of War 3 though.

clearelite2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

You sound extra butthurt today. Perhaps you should ask Dr. House for a prescription. Or, maybe save up some money and actually buy a PS3.

LoL, the fanboys come out at night. Just buy a damn PS3 already.

house2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

theres nothing i could prescribe for stupidity

@ clearelite i dont bother with pc gamers i game on my pc as well but to be honest have played more games that are goty on a console then a pc

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CobraKai2763d ago

I wish they used a better codec than Bink. What few real time cutscenes they had looked way sharper than the FMV. Also, Guerilla needs better endings

trancefreak2763d ago


The end of the game is pretty clear everything is building for it. You know what you have to do!

That mission alone tells you everything if you you followed closely what was going on and what were stahls intentions. So you know his intent and if you saw the ending you know what will proceed.

CobraKai2762d ago

I understand that, but it's more how it was executed that's the problem. It felt more like an ending to a tv show episode than a game. At least with TV you just have to wait a week to see what happens next and not 2 years. It shoulda been more satisfying.

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