Joystiq: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Da Vinci Disappearance Preview

The Da Vinci Disappearance is an ambitious piece of DLC for Ubisoft, granting players access to a large chunk of single-player content, but also some new modes, skins and a map for the multipayler side.

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SnakeMustDie2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I'm hoping for a one hell of a plot twist which reveals that Da Vinci is actually a Templar.

Yi-Long2762d ago

... and I'm absolutely LOVING it. Great great game.

I hope Brotherhood will also end up with a GOTY edition.

Lamarthedancer2762d ago

I wish they released this after Brotherhood was released, I would of been more interested

DarkBlood2762d ago

what are you talking about it is released months after brotherhood?

fredfenster2762d ago

Lol, I'm wondering as well :D

Lamarthedancer2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Well some developers usualy have it ready for an early release like early January but were coming up to March Dead Space 2, Little big Planet 2 getting Killzone 3 tomorrow...just money wise to be honest.

They've had Multiplayer stuff for it, just thought it would of been a nice idea to of worked on the Single player DLC first then work on wasn't really needed it the first place.

Jezuz2762d ago

PC version isn't released yet

Stealth20k2762d ago

I had no idea there was an assasins creed 2 goty and deluxe edition

what platforms and what regions?

fredfenster2762d ago

PAL region got Complete Edition for both ps3 and 360. Don't know about other regions though.