IGN: Sesame Street Changes Kids' Games

This is an interactive storybook for kids, and while it's definitely an idea in its infancy, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster could be a glimpse at the video game industry evolving "kid games" past cheap franchise cash-ins.

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-Alpha2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Well I hope it's a good game. I'm sure kids wont care about the quality of the game as much as the industry, but it's good to see that kids can interact in this way with the shows they watch. I think the concept is genuinely great for the target audience.

I'd rather much younger kids play this than COD too

callahan092767d ago

I agree. I'll probably pick it up for myself as well just because I'm a big fan of Tim Schaeffer.

zootang2767d ago

What ever happened to the Little Big Planet Sesame street content? Is this the reason why we haven't seen it?

blumatt2767d ago

And I agree that it's much better than them playing CoD games or other violent games. However, I'm not sure how many parents are going to buy them a $200 game. lol (kinect-$150 + game-$50 = $200) Of course, kids ARE spoiled alot nowadays. And Rock Band costs over $120 and people eat that up, so who knows, this could sell great.

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ally123452767d ago

i look at this picture and i wonder why the hell Elmo is so popular. Cookie Monster is so much better. even in that picture he looks hilarious!

B1663r2767d ago

When I was a kid I was always down with Snuffalufagus <sic?>

PandemicPrawn02767d ago

As a father of two I can absolutely see this being a smash in my house.

Trying to get a two and a half-year old to understand complex emotions like empathy or selflessness is one of the more difficult parts of parenting at that age.

My little guy has just got into Sesame Street (much to my approval) there is so much dribble on TV that just talks down to kids. I'm hoping to get a Kinect next year, this will be just the thing for my two boys.

NYC_Gamer2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

i would buy this game if had children

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